Ra – Critical Mass

18 Jan
Critical Mass (2013)

Critical Mass (2013)

By Catt Garcia

The respect that comes with a decade of experience is nothing to be humble about. For the few bands who have lasted, surviving a decade represents true dedication. For 16 years, Los Angeles natives, Ra, have endured nationwide tours, over 400,000 albums sold and a brand new independently-released album. Most importantly, fans of Ra have fueled the tough times, set goals alongside them, and celebrated every moment with endless enthusiasm. Named after the Egyptian sun god, Ra uses a medley of exotic tones and vocals which complement their namesake’s elements of growth, warmth and light. Beneath their hard-rock core, crawls a delicate vine of exotic inspiration.

Taste of Madison, Madison, WI 2013

Taste of Madison, Madison, WI 2013

The 2013 release of Critical Mass emphasizes the strength of those who are survivors of time. For those who earn their respect by eating, sleeping and breathing music. By following the dark alleys and dead-ends, Ra has risen against the record label’s yellow brick road, paving their own way into success with bare hands. Let their wounds be your muse, for Ra will not go quietly. Does your blood, sweat and tears sound this superb?

Lead singer, Sahaj Ticotin

Lead vocalist, Sahaj Ticotin

Dissolve into “Brutiful” and it’s powerful force of guitars; solid, skilled, and rooted with the originality Ra has carried through seven albums. “Ecstacy” has a hook that will set up camp within your head and become a permanent resident alongside those childhood memories. Lead vocalist Sahaj Ticotin brilliantly soars in “The Voice Inside My Head,” demonstrating a vocal range matched only by those who belong at the top. Ra’s current single “Supermegadubstep,” is on a steady ladder to the top of the alternative-rock singles charts, and Critical Mass is not far behind. Stand aside while these driven men succeed, while the years exude their strength and Ra makes it’s mark on the most important people of all: their fans.


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  1. bherbert19 January 21, 2014 at 6:31 pm #

    Reblogged this on Brandon M. Herbert – Author's Den and commented:
    Ra has been, and continues to be, one of the most influintial bands on my own personal music. Critical Mass was one of the absolute best albums I heard last year, and the ONLY one self-released. I will be writing my own review of Critical Mass on my blog soon, but for the time being, let this suffice.

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